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Yiynova SEA Marketing  is the authorized distributor of Yiynova Technology Limited ("YIYNOVA"). We sell and distribute the products manufactured by YIYNOVA. Mainly focus on Tablet LCD/LED Monitors/PC and related accessories. 

For product available online, kindly place your order there.

For bulk purchase, do visit Bulk Purchase to navigate for detail.

If you find any product that you want to purchase which is available in but not available in our store, you are encouraged to email us at for a special arrangement and quotation.

For the supporting software and drivers, kindly download it from

Due to our marketing strategy, Yiynova SEA Marketing is currently serving the customers in South East Asia (SEA) which including resellers and end-users. For Yiynova SEA Marketing store warranty, it will cover the original purchaser from our sales. Yiynova SEA Marketing does not offer any warranty for products sale outside SEA. 

Yiynova SEA Marketing mainly served online customers and we will response to you mainly through email.

For purchasers from the countries that impose import tax on computer and computer related products, purchasers have to settle the tax themselves. Yiynova SEA Marketing will NOT be responsibled or pay the respective taxes.